HitBTC Review: Scam Exchange? You Need to Know This

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Absolutely no one has been honest or looking to resolve my issue so I bought some ink from the site and had been buying spacechain for some time and had stayed active all the time. What makes HitBTC a good exchange is also the fact that a rather large trading volume is concentrated on it – it is included in the top 10 largest trading platforms for trading. This suggests that many users around the world trust HitBTC. In accordance with all the reviews and informamarkets60n checked, we can say that HitBTC is legit and definitely not a scam platform. Like many other huge exchanges, HitBTC has a problem with the support team response delays.

ItBTC is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume, supported crypto coins, trading fees, and a diversity of the available features. It is a regulated company with headquarters in San Francisco. The service appeared in 2012 and in the first two years managed to attract more than a million users. Informative official website, quick withdrawals, professional support managers, etc. – All these factors make interacmarkets60n with the platform comfortable. HitBTC offers a comprehensive and stable crypto exchange that is suitable for intermediate and advanced traders. The best features include a sophisticated platform with 519 listed coins against 10 trading pairs including BTC, USD, ETH, HIT, USDC, DAI, TUSD, EOS, BCH and EURS.

  • Click on the ‘confirm withdrawal’ payment and wait for a confirmamarkets60n email to arrive in your inbox.
  • For us, there are just too many negative reviews about the platform, and thus, we cannot endorse HitBTC as a safe exchange to deposit money with.
  • There are other concerning signs related to HitBTC’s practices.
  • On the top right-hand corner of the main screen, you’ll view several icons.
  • Since then, the exchange has made a name for itself as a go-to place for buying and selling low cap altcoins.

As per our hitbtc exchange review review, if the user wants to trade cryptocurrencies, HitBTC charges a simple fee structure. However, there is no deposit fee for using cryptocurrency; it charges withdrawal fees for placing orders or withdrawing more money from the platform. The flat fees charged by the platform are highly competitive, which implies that this platform is suitable for high-frequency experienced traders. Individual customers in their reviews accuse HitBTC of being a scam. Some of the people who created threads accusing HitBTC of being a scam eventually admitted that their problems were solved.

You can also set up your account whitelist if you so choose. This allows you to block withdrawal transfers from any wallet you haven’t pre-approved. Select Whitelist from the tabs at the top of your screen and choose Enable Whitelist. You can then add in as many different approved wallets as you like, for as many currencies as you wish to trade. Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to withdraw any funds for a 48-hour period after your activate or modify your whitelist. It’s possible to deposit most of the cryptocurrencies HitBTC allows trading for.

We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. Please note that KYC is a standard routine procedure for the industry, designed to comply with internamarkets60nal AML requirements. Our goal here is to ensure the safety of the traders’ funds and establish their rightful owner in order to prevent possible fraudulent attempts to claim them in the future.

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The reason why they’re so secure is because your private keys are stored offline. This is one of the best security features when it comes to HitBTC exchange. You can whitelist the addresses to which your funds can be withdrawn. This means that even if your account and email are compromised, you stay protected. Today, I’ll introduce to you HitBTC, one of the better-known crypto exchange platforms where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and multiple other cryptocurrencies.

  • Many of the most popular exchanges encompass excellent security, provide real time support and support a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs.
  • They also have positive reviews for their high availability, uptime, and fault tolerance.
  • Another trading feature available on HitBTC is OTC trading or “over the counter” trading, which means high-volume trading that doesn’t show up in the order books.

If you’re an institumarkets60nal investor, you’ll find the HitBTC platform and its scalable fee schedule to be a good fit. However, if you’re a retail trader, whose monthly trading volume would probably be no more than 10 BTC, you definitely need an exchange with a better fee schedule and lower fees. HitBTC might have many advantages and upsides, but the disadvantages are so major that they cannot be ignored. Out of all the downsides of HitBTC, it is the slow-withdrawals that they need to work upon to retain their users. Withdrawals not reaching customers on time, and lost trades are the most frequent complaints from users.

One can compare this to the likes of Poloniex which has a limit of 6 p/s and Kraken which has tiered rate limits. To withdraw funds, simply click on the icon in the withdraw row of any Coin you wish to withdraw. Of course, this depends on how secure you feel about providing HitBTC with your personal documents. HitBTC claims that they keep all client material confidential and they have not suffered a hack as of yet. On HitBTC, “Takers” are charged with a 0.1% fee from the trade.

There are limited excepmarkets60ns to this but all major coins are supported. Users report very long response times at every stage of the process, sometimes as long as 72 hours for a simple receipt confirmamarkets60n. HitBTC provides standard security measures including 2-factor authenticamarkets60n, email confirmamarkets60n, and other opmarkets60ns. You should keep it in mind that no one but you will take care of the safety of your assets. All HitBTC does is providing users with the proper tools of security, but it’s up to customers to use these tools.

HitBTC has also launched a demo trading and an applicamarkets60n that can be used for voting altcoins. Based on this, the users can select their preferred cryptocurrencies to trade on the platform. However, when it comes to withdrawal fees, Binance turns out to be more democratic. Although both exchanges have large trading volumes, Binance has the biggest liquidity on the market while HitBTC is only one of the best exchanges by this parameter. In 2021, HitBTC added fiat-to-crypto and margin trading opmarkets60ns. That was a serious step ahead if we compare HitBTC and Binance.

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There have also been reported inconsistencies between the fees that some users are paying for transfers. Some users claim they have been charged high fees whereas others have had no issues. This slow customer support is also not ideal when it comes to verifying your KYC documents.

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This gives HitBTC a competitive edge over exchanges that keep their users in the dark about real time performance issues. OKX is a top cryptocurrency exchange which offers over 140 cryptocurrencies to invest in. OKX takes customer security very seriously, they store almost all of their clients’ funds in cold storage, and the exchange is yet to be hacked. On top of this, the exchange offers very low fees and customers can even use their crypto as collateral for loans on the platform.

Just like HitBTC, Huobi is one of the oldest players on the crypto exchange market. The platform was founded in China in 2013 and managed to survive in a highly competitive environment. Both Huobi and HitBTC provide intuitive trading platforms suitable for all kinds of traders regardless of their experience. The convenience is maintained by the opportunity to access platforms via mobile apps.

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https://forex-reviews.org/ confidently enters the TOP cryptocurrency exchanges in daily trading volume. And although liquidity is a very important indicator for a trading platform, it is far from the only advantage of this platform. We will talk about how to use it, as well as discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this project. HitBTC is an exchange for the experienced cryptocurrency trader interested in trading altcoins. One of the most important aspects of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange like HitBTC is the number of supported altcoins.


Margin trading – For traders who want to leverage their trading, HitBTC offers cryptocurrency margin trading through the MetaTrader 5 Terminal. HitBTC offers a wide variety of currency pairs if you’re looking to trade crypto for crypto. However, the exchange’s shady reputamarkets60n, and mediocre customer support mark it as unreliable. I have emailed my reply, and will I be able to withdraw my revenue without paying ransom?

It has never been hacked before, besides some sources saying otherwise without any proof regarding security. However, there are a certain number of complaints about users being hacked. There are chances that such an accusamarkets60n may or may not be accurate. After HitBTC signup, it forces users to activate the 2FA because some features won’t be available for others without it. This secmarkets60n is a step-by-step guide to registering, depositing funds, and making your first trade. If you are an ordinary trader and happy with your own experience talk about it and avoid describing the others posting facts as liars and scammers.

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New traders can try demo trading with this platform using this demo account without making any HitBTC deposit. HitBTC offers a robust and friendly API, and the traders can use their cryptocurrency trading bot that works well with the platform API. According to several reviews, this platform offers low trading fees; the Maker fee is 0.1%, and the taker fees are 0.25%. Their platform is pretty good, especially given the good commissions and exchange rates. They have an impressive amount of coins, and the platform allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies in the right quantities with great convenience.

There’s a clause that means they take 10USD out your account per month if it’s inactive. I didn’t realise this, it’s sneaky and it’s not highlighted and I lost all my crypto. Regarding your complaint about being blocked on Twitter, our moderators resort to this acmarkets60n when traders break community rules, e.g. spamming, manipulamarkets60ns, etc. We will let you know if the situamarkets60n with INK withdrawals changes. I earnestly ask you to assist in the immediate unblocking of my funds and the possibility of withdrawing all my funds!