14 Essential Work From Home Tips for a Successful Remote Experience

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The researchers used standard significance tests to compare group differences, regression analysis to derive statistically significant drivers of engagement and productivity, and statistical modeling to estimate future impacts. Results with a minimum confidence level of 95% (p.05) were included in the final report. The public survey was supported, through distribution to its members, by global associations including the 25,000-member International Facilities Management Association and Workplace Evolutionaries .

What are examples of working from home?

Working from home refers to an office at home. In most cases, the term refers to the workplace of an employee who previously worked in a traditional office. More and more frequently, though, the offices of freelancers and self-employed individuals in their private homes are also being included under the term.

Surveys by FlexJobs found that 81% of respondents said they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options. When workers are distributed, synchronous communication becomes more difficult. Tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts can help for those working in the same or similar time zones but not for those spread farther apart. When BHO was greater, R&D staffers conducted more unplanned synchronous calls. Nadia Vatalidis of GitLab’s People Operations group says that having team members in Manila, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Raleigh, and Boulder made finding a time for their weekly group call nearly impossible.

Create a sensory landscape

I can get up and make sure the kids are moving along and I can go to the gym every morning,” says Heather Bostwick, VP of Marketing and Analytics at Education Dynamics, a higher education enrollment growth agency. Before the pandemic, remote work wasn’t an option for her; now her company is fully WFH and only maintains office space for monthly meetings. Until recently, the idea of working from home was firmly in “must be nice” territory for most employees—the stuff of wistful conversations during post-work happy hours.

  • Another manager created a “virtual meal” by ordering the same pizza for delivery to the homes of all remote direct reports during a weekly team call.
  • The use of social media at work place and its influence on the productivity of the employees in the era of COVID-19.
  • “Companies will do all sorts of things to entice employees, including offering flex time and work-from-home options,” says Fay.
  • They gain back 35 minutes a day due to fewer unwanted interruptions (43 minutes/day at home vs 78 minutes/day in the office both globally and in N.A.).
  • Some studies have found that remote work increases worker productivity and leads to higher supervisor ratings of performance and higher performance appraisals.
  • At GitLab all team members have access to a “working handbook,” which some describe as “the central repository for how we run the company.” It currently consists of 5,000 searchable pages.

Companies with a remote work culture usually offer ways to socialize. For example, they might have channels in a team messaging app, like Slack, for talking about common interests or organizing meetups for people in the same region. There are apps, such as TimeOut for Mac and Smart Break for Windows, that let you set a schedule for when you’ll lock yourself out of your computer.

Questions to ask remote employees

And in a Muse user survey conducted that same month, 80.8% of the 4,681 respondents said they’d like to work from home full or part time going forward (with users under 25 being the most likely to say they’d prefer full-time in-office work). Employees saw flexibility as a benefit even while a global pandemic restricted our movements, or forced many of us to work with kids running around during lockdown. The data from the survey was pretty clear that most employees don’t want to return to the office every day, or even most days. While 52% of respondents worked in an office every day before the pandemic, only 2% want to return to the office full-time.

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Always strive to be a better worker

Writer Kevin Roose has found, for example, that describe your experience working remotely workers take shorter breaks and fewer sick days, suggesting that boundaries can be an issue. This is even more challenging if you don’t have a dedicated home office space. When your laptop sits on the dining table or your coffee table is covered in stacks of folders, it’s hard to fully feel like you’ve turned off.

Remote work has long been promoted as a way to substantially increase employee productivity. A 2013 study showed a 13% increase in productivity among remotely working call-center employees at a Chinese travel agency. An analysis of data collected through March 2021 found that nearly six out of 10 workers reported being more productive working from home than they expected to be, compared with 14% who said they got less done.

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Not surprisingly, the key to proper remote communication is, well, constantly communicating. Unsurprisingly, not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to remote communication. Your manager might prefer sticking to email communication, while some of your other colleagues like the fast pace of instant messaging — and someone else might feel the most comfortable with video calls. In the process of creating your perfect remote work routine and schedule, you need to remember that every one of your colleagues is doing the same — and not all of you will be working simultaneously or the same hours.