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Should you need such advice, consult a professional financial or tax advisor. More than 6 mn tonnes of hydrogen is used by India every year to produce ammonia and methanol for industrial purposes. It is assumed that India’s demand for hydrogen will increase five-fold, and consumption of hydrogen is expected to surge by 28 mn tonnes by 2050. These stocks are filtered using Tickertape Stock Screener on 27th February 2023.

Can be produced from a variety of domestic resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind. In January this year, GAIL commenced India’s first project of mixing Hydrogen into Natural Gas. Hydrogen blended Natural Gas is being supplied to one of GAIL’s Joint Venture companies and has been successful in blending up to 2% hydrogen in natural gas in the CGD network. These initiatives reflect GAIL’s commitment to support a gas-based economy and contribute to India’s vision of a greener, cleaner, carbon-neutral and self-reliant future.

  • You see, hydrogen research in the country, in general, is underfunded.
  • Green transition plan to achieve net-zero emissions from its operations by 2046.
  • It also plans to come up with a stand-alone green hydrogen manufacturing unit in Kochi.
  • In 2021, ITM opened the world’s largest electrolyzer production factory with a second underway and planned to open in 2023.
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  • As the world increasingly turns to hydrogen as a clean energy source, Plug Power can play a major role in the transition.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is competing to manufacture green hydrogen and will soon follow. They have decided to switch to hydrogen fuel for at minimum a tenth of its fossil fuel consumption. Shell isn’t just talking about these investments, it’s been putting its money where its mouth is. Recently, Shell announced a new initiative to build Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant. is seen as a top enabler of India’s transition towards cleaner fuels. In addition to replacing fossil fuels in industry and providing clean transportation, green hydrogen can also be used for decentralised power generation, aviation, and maritime transportation. We’ll study the history and the business of the companies on our list. Alongside this, we’ll briefly read about their financials and the steps they have taken toward green hydrogen production. A table summarizing the top green hydrogen stocks in India and a summary conclude the article in the end.

The stock looks quite promising, but its growth prospects are still tied to the demand for hydrogen and fuel cells. If the fuel becomes more commonplace, Loop Energy Stock can potentially climb. Loop Energy’s ace is its eFlow™ fuel cell, the patented technology that (according to the company’s claim) makes its fuel cells 16% more fuel-efficient and offers up to 90% higher peak power than industry equivalents. Ballard Power Systems is one of the best hydrogen stocks in Canada, even though it doesn’t generate hydrogen per se. Before you start looking into hydrogen stocks as viable investment options, it’s important to understand hydrogen as an asset. The demand for green hydrogen for applications such as refineries, fertilizers, and city gas is to extend up to 2 m metric tonne per annum by 2030.

India’s Green Hydrogen Mission: These companies have committed to transition

Later in the month, the company announced the creation of a steering committee to drive the transition from coal to green hydrogen production and appointed power industry expert Will Bridge as chairman. The companies have proposed only using renewable power to drive the production process, generating only hydrogen and carbon nanotubes from the natural gas feedstock – this is known as ‘blue hydrogen’. The gas is produced with the help of electrolysis through electricity generated from renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. To create green hydrogen, BPCL intends to construct a 5 Megawatt electrolyzer employing a phased setup in Ahmedabad and Aurangabad.

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Which Green Hydrogen Stocks Are Best?.

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The company plans to spend between INR Bn on its green initiatives, spread over several years. Nel is a leading developer of hydrogen fueling infrastructure, including hydrogen fueling stations and electrolysis technology. The company has been in business for over 100 years and has a strong track record of innovation and growth. With strong financials and a venture into public transportation, BLDP stock has great potential to rise from its current dip. The low share price is a unique opportunity for investors looking to add to their green energy portfolio.

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‘Black’ and ‘brown’ hydrogen signify the use of black or brown coal in the hydrogen-making process, or hydrogen made from fossil fuels through the process of ‘gasification’. These types are the total opposite to green hydrogen and are the most environmentally damaging. For the purposes of this guide, most information does not relate to this hydrogen category. ‘Blue’ hydrogen is produced by splitting natural gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide using a process called ‘steam reforming’ or ‘auto thermal reforming’.

Manufactures electrolyzers that break down water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce methane-free hydrogen, which can be used in many fields to generate electricity. But the two major announcements in the recent past have spurred a hope towards India’s leading role in the field of green hydrogen. The company serves a variety of end markets including chemicals & refining, food & beverage, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing and primary metals. While on the one hand fossil fuels have made human life easier, on the other hand its excessive consumption has caused a lot of damage to the environment. This concern has disappointed our environmentalists and scientists who are warning about the urgent need to reduce global carbon emissions to zero.

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In conclusion, hydrogen is the element that is most common in the universe. With just one electron and a proton, it also happens to be the most basic, which explains why hydrogen, which has long been regarded as the fuel of both the future, has become so common. Its business has been incredibly consistent, growing its revenue by an incredible36% average rateover the past five years. Once its supply chain troubles ease out, Bloom is likely to push into high gear and post even stronger results in the future. The Impact Investor is a blog focused on helping retail investors find ESG, socially responsible, and impact investment opportunities through our expert insights, tips, and blog posts. Although young in comparison to most other European firms listed here, McPhy has long-term goals to further industrialize hydrogen and reduce its cost of production while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

However, along with the 10k race distance and training schedules, it also produces massive amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. You see, 95% of the hydrogen widely used and produced today through a process called “steam methane reforming”. This process uses a catalyst to react with methane and steam to produce hydrogen. However, clearly warns that ITM represents a possible value trap. Given its negative revenue and earnings trend, it’s hard to ignore the warning signs. If you have some loose change lying around, ITM could be interesting. India OIl Corp. is India’s one of the biggest oil an gas provider with a strong hold on the domestic market.

“We are capable of integrating hydrogen in existing gas station networks, or establishing entirely new hydrogen fueling networks, with on-site and/or centralized hydrogen production,” the company says. Also in December, Nel announced a 3 million euro (about $3.4 million) order for an electrolyzer system from a new European customer. In the third quarter, the company said it had a record-high pipeline of potential orders of more than $6 billion. The energy revolution is building momentum as governments and companies across the globe look to phase out fossil fuels. When this shift happens, early investors could stand to make a lot of profit.

The Indian Green Hydrogen Stocks Industry: A Synopsis

The study commenced in October with completion anticipated in the June quarter of 2022. Its scope includes transport from an onshore hydrogen gas production facility in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region to an offshore ship-loading buoy and then on to nominated markets in the Asia Pacific region. The company is proposing a staged construction with an initial development phase of around 0.5GW and building up to 2.8GW as the regional hydrogen market grows.

Private capex, valuation to drive entry in capital goods & infra space: Shibani Sircar Kurian – Economic Times

Private capex, valuation to drive entry in capital goods & infra space: Shibani Sircar Kurian.

Posted: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 03:54:00 GMT [source]

Under the proposal, the 500-plus megawatt plant would produce more than 420,000tpa of emission-free ammonia through the combination of hydrogen and nitrogen extracted from the air. Potential uses for the hydrogen and ammonia include electricity generation and as transportation fuel. The company currently holds oil and gas production sharing contracts in Indonesia including Seram, containing the 1.5 trillion cubic feet Lofin gas and condensate discovery.

Where to Buy Hydrogen Penny Stocks?

It also plans to come up with a stand-alone green hydrogen manufacturing unit in Kochi. Indian Oil has set a target of converting at least 10% of its hydrogen consumption at refineries to green hydrogen soon. India needs a thoughtful policy framework for its green hydrogen ecosystem at every stage, from the ramping of up technology to deployment in end-use applications and integration of these applications with the broader energy landscape.


Its fuel cell technology is a bit different from the PEM cells that are so widely used right now. The company also offers older alkaline-based solutions for hydrogen production. But hydrogen is just one of its relatively small offerings, and the stock relies upon a much larger business model. The company spent over a decade improving its electrolyzer technology to make it more efficient and easily scalable. Its on-site hydrogen generation solutions make it an ideal company if the demand for hydrogen fuel stations (that use water to generate hydrogen on-site) increases.

ITMPF stock has gained more than 360 percent in the past 12 months and now trades at $7.46. Therefore, it can be used as fuel in vehicles and aircraft or as electricity to power factories or domestic appliances. Hydrogen has been identified as a source of clean energy if it’s produced the right way. Investors think that hydrogen energy will become mainstream with the government’s support.

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Some advocates contend that hydrogen might also replace natural gas in the pipeline system with some modifications. It could then be used in power plants to generate electricity and as a fuel source for our homes. Because of its potential, some forecasts peg the future value of the clean hydrogen market to be as much as $10 trillion. With roots in producing hydrogen for fertilizer in 1927, this Norway-based company supplies hydrogen production and storage solutions as well as hydrogen fueling stations. This month, Nel announced an order worth more than $6 million for hydrogen fueling station modules from a U.S.-based fuel supplier.

  • Since 2019, the fund has made more than $10 million available for these industry-led studies.
  • Oxygen is the byproduct of the process and it doesn’t harm the environment.
  • These ships are a pilot-scale version of the company’s 2,000t ship, which has been designed to transport 2,000t of compressed hydrogen across distances from 2,000-4,500 nautical miles.
  • In addition, essential industries like transportation and manufacturing are heavily reliant on imported fossil fuels.
  • In Gujarat’s Hazira area, L&T Limited has decided to construct an ecologically beneficial hydrogen factory.

Gautam Adani-led Adani Group had earlier announced a large $ 50 billion investment over the next ten years towards green hydrogen and allied ecosystems with an annual capacity of 3 million tonnes of green hydrogen. Last year in August, the company commissioned a green hydrogen plant at one of its facilities in Gujarat. It is 3,000 square meters big in terms of size and has a capacity of 800 kW. It announced in May last year that it would set up one of India’s largest Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysers. The facility will manufacture around 4.3 MT of Hydrogen per day or about 10 MW in terms of capacity with a purity of 99.99 volume %.